Jacqui And Vicki


 We have been training with Neil for 12 months now and our strength has definitely improved.  Sessions can be as varied as we like. Core strength spinning and cardio work , oh and We do like a good boxing and sparring session when those at work annoy us!  Great to take frustrations out on Neil! ��  We run, aka jog, but now can run 10k without walking. Definitely couldn’t do that before., 

Sarah Dean


I met Neil Proctor back in October 2018, when I saw his advert for fitness training.   He has a lot of qualifications and knowledge within this line of business and supports each an every one of his clients to his upmost standards and to every persons individual needs.      I have been working out with Neil 3 to 4 times a week for nearly 4 months and he has supported my every need in fitness training.   I have become a much healthier and stronger person because of this.      Neil is a friendly and very caring kind of man, which makes training so much easier to do and to stick too.      We do weight lifting, pad boxing, spinning, CV workouts and much more including nutritional advice.   It's so much fun with Neil because he makes you feel good about yourself and he has a great sense of humour too.      Its definitely changed my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.   I have recommended Neil to my friends, family and others.

Dee Mitchelmore


I would definitely recommend Neil. He certainly knows his stuff on everything concerned with fitness . He has many years of experience . I go every week , he mixes it up every week so you never get bored of repetitive exercise , he also plays the perfect music to get you motivated. He trains complete beginners to people looking for more hardcore training for marathons etc . He is very helpful and friendly , nothing is too much trouble . So if you are looking for someone to train you definitely get in touch with Neil .  Dee ��



 Have been using neil’s one on one fitness now for a while and can admit i feel more toned and can also see the difference, I find he pushes you to your maximum potential and the sessions are always slightly harder than the last, would highly recommend especially if you dont like the hustle and bustle of the high street gyms and also alot cheaper..well worth the money.



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As someone who has a chronic lower back problem I was advised to keep mobile using exercise. Sadly I struggled to find something that was effective and that I enjoyed. Then through a personal recommendation I started going to see Neil.   Within a year I have moved from one personal training slot to two per week. Neil makes each session different, interesting and enjoyable. For the first time I enjoy exercise and there are medical benefits as well.    He accommodates my back problem and this has allowed me to stay more mobile

Jennine & Michael


“ Neil has given us a guided and well balanced fitness workout that we required. Using his extensive knowledge and having all the equipment available in his converted garage, as a team, a workout was agreed to help us lose weight and sharpen up our general fitness. Neil listens and understands your requirements and then plans the fitness routine for you. This makes every visit worthwhile and not monotonous and with the 1-2-1 coaching, he pushes you to the max. We have been going now for over a year and look forward to continuing this partnership”     Jennine & Michael

Danielle McGuinness


I have been coming to see neil for approximately 2 months to go some one to one private sessions and spinning in his private studios attached to his house. The rooms have everything you will need to get a good work out either one to one or in a small group.  

 Neil only wants the best for his clients and pushes me to achieve my personal goals. I find each session tailored for me and each session is different and unique so no chance of getting bored.  

 Neil is extremely friendly, professional and welcoming and his equipment is clean too. Neil wants his clients to thrive and has recently tailored a program for me to follow at home on my non “Neil” days. Neil will also provide nutritional advice and weights and measurements if you require this service.  

 I feel Neil’s sessions are much better than a gym and have the personal touch. I feel completely comfortable and would recommend you to him. Such great value for money so give it a go.

Danielle McGuinness

Frankie And Zoe


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Steve And Johnathan


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J And Ruth


My friend and I we’re looking for a fitness class that we could enjoy together but most importantly improve our fitness. Seeing Neil weekly has certainly achieved this.
We look forward to our session, Neil keeps it interesting offering a variety of exercises and the use of different equipment.
Thank you Neil a great whole body workout each week!  J and Ruth 



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 “I started with Neil a person who couldn’t look at themselves in the mirror, I hated the person looking book. My mind and body were broken. I have never been the type to self-motivate and go to the gym, I always found an excuse not to go, or when I did, I wasted my time (and money). When I finally plucked up the courage to call Neil, I had no idea what I wanted out of my training, only that I wanted to look & feel better. Neil listened and came up with a plan for me. I remember getting off the phone already feeling motivated and confident that I had finally found someone who could help me. Neil has not disappointed me since! Every week is something different, the reps, the intensity and weights. My body has already changed, but most importantly, my mindset has changed. Although I still have a long road ahead of me, I am happy to say I am able to look at myself in the mirror again thanks to Neils help!”



I got in touch with Neil as he offered the opportunity for me to train in the school holidays with my son, which meant that I didn't need to miss out on 6 valuable weeks.  My intention was to go back to my previous gym/trainer after the holidays but after that first session I knew that I wouldn't look back.

Neil's sessions are fun and effective and very reasonably priced because he loves what he does.  He has really taken the time to get to know me and what my goals are, whilst pushing me harder without me even realizing. 

I actually look forward to my sessions, if I had the time I'd be there every day



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“As a Physiotherapist, I know the importance of strength and conditioning for my patients to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I have been training under Neil for 5 months twice a week and really notice the benefit of his experience and encouragement.  I would strongly recommend Neil to guide anyone to their fitness goals – I trust him with mine!”



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